Kallithea 0.6.2 released

This minor release fixes a few bugs related to the Python 3 conversion, reported by our users (thanks!).

As Bitbucket has chosen to stop supporting Mercurial projects, the Bitbucket mirror of the Kallithea project no longer exists. We have set up an archive of the issues previously hosted at Bitbucket and removed broken links from the website and repository. To report new issues, please use the mailing list.

See 'Changes' below for a list of changes most relevant to users.


Please refer to the documentation for upgrade instructions.

There are no specific attention points when upgrading from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2.

If you are upgrading from a version before 0.6.0, do generate a new configuration file and update your database via alembic (see the upgrade instructions for details).


Below are the most relevant changes between 0.6.1 and 0.6.2. Note that it is not a complete list: some changes are purely internal refactoring. Please refer to the source repository if you are interested in full details.


  • fix kallithea-api --save-config cs

Version control systems support

  • fix cloning remote repository with HTTP authentication (Issue #379) cs


  • fix pull request deletion - don't crash on deleting refs to PR heads cs


  • fix crash on displaying bookmarks cs
  • fix crash on displaying subrepositories (Issue #377) cs


  • make it more clear that config-create should be used with http_server=X (Issue #358) cs
  • clarify that MariaDB is supported, with slight preference for this more free option cs
  • mention the npm dependency more clearly (Issue #345) cs
  • mention the need for worker process restarts to avoid "memory leaks" (Issue #346) cs

Other changes

  • i18n: update translations for French, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish
  • i18n: add translation for Portuguese

Issues resolved

Following issues have been resolved since Kallithea 0.6.1 was released:

  • Issue #345: [doc] Posgres initialization fails with \"Please check that the keyword arguments..."
  • Issue #346: memory leaks
  • Issue #358: [doc] Postgresql: Can't reconnect until invalid transaction is rolled back
  • Issue #377: Sub-Repositories not correctly managed since upgrade to python 3
  • Issue #379: Cannot clone hg repos with web interface


We would like to thank everyone that contributed to the Kallithea repository since release 0.6.1 (the numbers are the amount of commits)...

8 Thomas De Schampheleire
7 Mads Kiilerich
2 Manuel Jacob
1 David Ignjić
1 Anton Schur
1 J. Lavoie
1 Allan Nordhøy
1 ssantos
1 robertus

... as well as everyone contributing in other ways, e.g. by testing, reporting issues, discussing via mail or IRC, etc.