Kallithea 0.5.2 released

Unfortunately, an error slipped into the previous bugfix release (0.5.1), causing the database migration step with alembic to fail. We are thus releasing Kallithea 0.5.2 to solve this, along with a few other minor changes.

Upgrading from 0.5.x

Please refer to the documentation for upgrade instructions.

There is a minor database migration step involved, removing an index added in 0.5.0 but found to be problematic on MySQL. This migration step was broken in 0.5.1 but is now fixed in 0.5.2.

Note that in the configuration file, the semantics of the i18n.enabled and i18n.lang settings have been clarified.


Below are the most relevant changes between 0.5.1 and 0.5.2. Note that it is not a complete list: some changes are purely internal refactoring. Please refer to the source repository if you are interested in full details.

Database migration

  • fix fatal missing os import cs
  • fix missing variable in downgrade step cs

SSH repository access

Internationalization (i18n)

  • added translation for Luxembourgish cs


We would like to thank everyone that contributed to the Kallithea repository (directly or by updating translations in Weblate) since release 0.5.1 (the numbers are the amount of commits)...

7 Mads Kiilerich
3 Thomas De Schampheleire
1 Dennis Fink

... as well as everyone contributing in other ways, e.g. by reporting issues, discussing via mail or IRC, etc.