Kallithea 0.4.0rc2 released

This is the second release candidate for Kallithea 0.4.0.

Compared to 0.4.0rc1, following changes are made:

  • Fix generation of the front-end on Windows (Issue #332)
  • Fix pushing to repostories without .hgrc file (Issue #335)
  • Improve and fix handling of clone URI templates (Issue #336)
  • Fix closing and deleting of pull requests
  • Support Mercurial 4.9
  • Update translations
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Please try out this release candidate and report any problems you may find. Please refer to the announcement for 0.4.0rc1 for upgrade instructions.

Also, please share your feedback about the proposed release notes (see announcement for 0.4.0rc1). If there is information missing, confusing, etc. then let us know so we can improve it for the final release.

We hope to create the final release by the end of March.

Thanks to all translators and people testing the release and reporting issues!