Kallithea 0.3.1 released

This release is a stable bugfix release. It fixes issues we've discovered since the release 0.3.

This release brings a bunch of bug fixes, support for Mercurial 3.7.x and Python 2.7.11, and translation updates. Please note that the recommended way to install Kallithea is using pip. Instead of ./setup.py install we now recommend running pip install ., and instead of ./setup.py develop the recommended command is pip install -e .. Running setup.py may or may not work depending on the installed versions of pip and Mercurial.

The summary of the changes since 0.3 release is below.


(something is added, new functionality, major change with significant risk of breakage)


  • Support Mercurial 3.7.x. cs


  • Updated Japanese and Czech translations. cs


  • Support Python 2.7.11 - work around incompatibility in the celery dependency kombu. cs


(bugfix, something now works as intended, users can (or can have to) drop workarounds, probably minor risk)


  • Fix crash in the authentication module for PAM. cs

  • Fix handling of usernames with spaces when using the authentication module for Atlassian Crowd. cs

  • Fix slow PAM authentication - don't hit backend until username is provided (Issue #180). cs

  • Use server side casing for username when using the authentication module for Atlassian Crowd. cs

  • Support both old and new python-pam API. cs


  • Don't index documents that can't be retrieved - probably because of encoding issues (Issue #175). cs

  • Fix paster update-repoinfo error handling when specifying invalid repos - don't consider that a wildcard. cs

  • Print paster repo-scan output to stdout instead of logging it. cs


  • Fix 'compare bookmarks' button. cs

  • Fix 'compare branches' button. cs


  • Fix crashes after pushes to congested repositories in multitheaded setups (Issue #177). cs


  • Fix parsing of Git changeset diffs that have files with both mode change and rename. cs


  • Fix javascript for collapse/expand of diffs. cs

  • Fix selection link for multi-line selections in file content. cs


  • Fix crashes when repository name is Unicode and can't be encoded with the current LANG. cs

  • Fix handling of Unicode file paths in Gists. cs

  • Fix handling of Unicode repository names. cs