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Issue #52: Can't add a new file to repos on Web page

Reported by: bitworld
State: new
Created on: 2014-10-30 14:47
Updated on: 2015-05-09 19:54


It's working for the released Kallithea 0.1, but failed for the newest Kallithea on Bitbucket repositories.

When adding a new file to a new and empty repositories, the web page shows error 500.

After adding some files through TortoiseHg, the 'Upload file' button has no responding when clicking it. When clicking the 'Commit Changes' button, a warning message of "No content" can be seen, and no file is added.




Comment by Thomas De Schampheleire, on 2015-05-09 19:54

I can confirm the following:

  • when adding a new file, and NOT giving a filename, then clicking the Commit Changes button renders a 500 Internal Server Error page, but a flash line at the top hinting that no filename was given.
  • similar behavior when specifying a filename but no content.

Note that in your screenshot, no text field is shown for the file content. This is supposed to be shown below the 'File mode' and 'Commit message' fields. Do you never see such a text area? Which is your browser? Do you have Javascript enabled?

Clicking the Upload file button works fine for me. Is this still a problem for you? If so, can you describe the scenario for that problem in more detail?