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Issue #26: API to send pull request from one kallithea instance to another

Reported by: domruf
State: new
Created on: 2014-09-02 20:03
Updated on: 2018-06-13 05:47


Consider this...

Two developers, each of them have their own kallithea instance and they don't have access to the instance of the other one. But the instances are publicly readable.

Developer A has cloned a repository from developer B to his own instance and made some changes. Now he'd like to create a pull request.

The idea of the API would be to allow 'sending' a pull request from one instance to the other.

I haven't though that much about the details. But I wanted to put the idea out there.



Comment by Sean Farley, on 2014-09-02 23:26

This was actually talked about at the sprint yesterday :-) Mads could comment more on it (I was too busy cleaning up my own patches)

Comment by Koala Yeung, on 2018-06-13 05:47

Just to note that I have a slightly different approach to the same problem described in #322.

If anyone is interested in discussing or even implementing that, please go there for more details.