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Issue #174: Add local revision number to summary and changelog view

Reported by: dvk
State: resolved
Created on: 2015-11-23 15:09
Updated on: 2015-11-24 07:19


I think it is very useful feature. I like it in rhodecode and missing it in kallithea.

Just a sample image to illustrate feature - http://blog.ksdaemon.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/rhodecode.png (see revision column)

Same for the changelog view - http://rhodecode.s3.amazonaws.com/static/img/kb/code_review_1_graph_log.png



Comment by dvk, on 2015-11-23 15:09

Comment by Søren Løvborg, on 2015-11-23 15:12

The local revision number is local and cannot be used in other clones, which in this case means anywhere other than the Kallithea server itself. Please explain how this is a useful feature.

Comment by Andrej Shadura, on 2015-11-23 18:55

As far as I remember, it's just off by default but still can be enabled — unless it's been removed since then.

Comment by Andrej Shadura, on 2015-11-23 18:57

@dvk, what you're looking for is show_revision_number = false in your .ini file, you need to toggle it to true.

Comment by dvk, on 2015-11-24 07:18

Andrew Shadura, thank you very much!

show_revision_number parameter help to solve my problem

Comment by dvk, on 2015-11-24 07:19