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Issue #17: Changeset page needs to be improved

Reported by: 557058%3Adea91e4c-e257-42be-bc28-2cf352c368c8
State: new
Created on: 2014-08-08 13:04
Updated on: 2015-02-25 15:41


It's not obvious how to perform some actions on the changeset page: a bunch of icons in the diff make it almost impossible to guess what do they mean unless I hover them with a cursor, it's not easy to find out that clicking the file name opens the file listing. Also, I was looking for a link to see the changelog from a specific changeset for some time until I accidentally hit the Changelog link and found it.

This part of the UI definitely needs some love.



Comment by Andrej Shadura, on 2014-08-08 13:04

Comment by Thomas De Schampheleire, on 2015-02-25 15:41

could be a nice addition to the recent icon work of @seanfarley