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Issue #118: Wrong instruction on the way to use git create hang up

Reported by: aurelien
State: resolved
Created on: 2015-03-27 15:42
Updated on: 2015-03-27 15:58


Report by a gitbull user http://www.t67.eu/filebin/gitbull_instructions.png

on my side git clone ... git add .. git commit -m "..." git push password

works just fine ... but not that instruction



Comment by Mads Kiilerich, on 2015-03-27 15:51

You know git better than me. That, and your writing style (and markup obfuscation) makes it very hard to figure out what you are suggesting. Please contribute a patch - that would probably be much simpler. See http://docs.kallithea-scm.org/en/latest/contributing.html .

Comment by aurelien, on 2015-03-27 15:55

no i do not know git. the user find the way with <Xylon> git config http.postBuffer 524288000

Comment by aurelien, on 2015-03-27 15:56

but on my side i just can't push a simple file to its repo ...

Comment by aurelien, on 2015-03-27 15:58